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Apartment interior partition

Exterior wall panel / lightweight cement foam partition wall panel Features:

1. As the outer wall panel, the cement foam partition wall board not only has good fireproof performance, but also fireproof for more than 5 hours, which can reach the national A1 fire rating;

2. The installation speed of lightweight cement foam partition wall board is fast. The cement foamed lightweight partition board produced by Tangshan Rielfa has a male and female trough. When installing, only the male and female troughs need to be docked and then plastered with cement mortar to eliminate the need for other processes. Compared with the previous block brick wall, the work efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Lightweight foamed cement partition board is used as the outer wall board. The insulation performance is good (the thickness of the wall is equal to the thickness of the insulation layer, no additional insulation layer is needed)

4, the cement surface layer can be used for painting, tiling, etc. without special treatment.

5, lightweight foamed cement partition wall board, light weight, high strength, can reduce the amount of steel used in the overall structure.

6. The stability of the lightweight foamed cement partition board is better than that of the previous block wall, and the seismic performance is good.