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  Through the network to contact Zhongheng new materials lightweight partition board to achieve cooperation, their staff service attitude is very good, their product quality is stable, and durable, fast installation, greatly shorten the construction period, and the material loss rate is low, Reduced a lot of construction waste. The product has superior characteristics, stable quality, convenient construction and quickness. It is a new environmentally friendly material and has excellent functions of fireproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, moisture proof and good earthquake resistance. After the composite wallboard is used in the project, the whole building is The structure is greatly reduced and optimizes the beam-column structure, which brings superior economic benefits. Based on its unique side-down design, it can be directly assembled and fully dry. The construction is convenient and fast, the labor intensity is small, and the construction efficiency is better than ordinary building. The bricks are improved by 6-10 times, the walls are smooth and tidy, the wall integrity is good, the seismic crack resistance is above 8 grades, and the superior performance has been well received by the owners and design units.