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Technical specifications and construction requirements of lightweight partition board
Announcer:Zhongheng New   Date:2019/8/1 17:10:00  Views:156

GRC lightweight partition board is a new type of energy-saving wall material. It is a kind of wall material with hollow shape like a hollow floor. However, it has male and female gutters on both sides. It only needs to be erected when installing, male and female. Apply a small amount of caulking mortar and assemble it. It is composed of various industrial wastes such as harmless phosphogypsum, light steel slag and fly ash, and is cured by variable frequency steam. The lightweight partition board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, respiratory humidity control, fire prevention, rapid construction, and reduced wall cost. His weight is only one-eighth of the solid brick wall. The strength reaches C30, the thermal conductivity is only one-third of the solid brick wall, the acoustic conductivity is only one quarter of the solid brick wall, the indoor air humidity is automatically adjusted, the land occupied by industrial waste is saved, and the industrial waste is eliminated from the air and water. The pollution, save the wall cost of 15 to 20, and increase the construction efficiency by three to five times. In addition, since it is wet-processed using the harmlessly treated phosphogypsum, there is no need to dehydrate and dry the phosphogypsum, so no expensive equipment investment is required, so it can be said that the GRC lightweight partition board technology is available. A new chapter in the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum will be unveiled, which has outstanding environmental significance. The modified lightweight partition board is mainly composed of light-burned magnesia, magnesium chloride, silicon, calcium and other composite cementitious materials, and is added with industrial waste residue such as fly ash by adding modifier, and added to plant fiber such as crop straw. High-strength lightweight wall material. The inner layer is equipped with a reasonable layout of heat-insulating, sound-absorbing inorganic foam profiles or other insulation materials. The wall panels are poured, leveled and scientifically maintained by the assembly line. The production automation is high and the specifications are numerous. The engineering design unit or building contractor shall provide the wall plan layout and wall related technical indicators in the construction drawing to the partition wall slab installation enterprise in advance, including the following contents:

1. Explain the type and axis distribution of the partition wall, the thickness requirements of the wall, the distribution of the door and window and the size of the hole, the distribution position of the pipeline and the size of the slot;

2. Defining the functional requirements for the use of the slat partition, whether there are requirements for waterproofing, hanging heavy objects and measures to be taken;

3. Specify fire prevention and sound insulation indicators for the partition walls of the slats;

4. Defining the anti-shock and anti-seismic function requirements of the slat partition wall.

In order to ensure the quality of the project, the engineering design unit is required to put forward the basic index requirements for the function and function of the slab wall, so that the performance of the partition wall can reach the best index.

Introduction to the construction requirements of lightweight partition board:

1.GRC lightweight partition wall top: It is best to hang the top for easy scrubbing. Usually PVC, aluminum plastic gusset ceiling. Note that anti-aging materials should be used, because the kitchen is smoked all day, and the decoration materials age quickly.

2. Lightweight partition wall: It is best to use non-slip floor and the joint is small to reduce the accumulation of dirt and easy to clean. There should be floor drains on the kitchen floor to facilitate floor cleaning and drainage.

3. Lightweight partition wall: It is best to use tiles to the top for easy scrubbing. In some homes, the kitchen wall tiles are only attached to a height of 1.8 meters, which is not enough and needs to be subsidized to the top.

4. Lightweight partition wall light: Chinese food is very color, so the light in the kitchen should be sufficient, the light in the evening should be bright enough, and the color of the light should be white, otherwise it will affect the judgment of color, and the heat of the food is not easy. grasp. Also avoid the shadows on the lights and try not to shoot the lights.