Light fireproof partition board
Light fireproof partition board
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The lightweight solid firewall is a new type of wall material consisting of two panels and three-in-one filled polystyrene. The panel is a fiber reinforced special cement product with high strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance and impact resistance.


   The lightweight solid firewall board uses its 5mm thick special panel (instead of the walling of the wall) to withstand the external impact. Thereby, the rigidity of the wall panel is enhanced, various characteristics are improved, and the three-in-one styling wall panel itself has good deformation resistance performance.

   The core material is made of polystyrene, and the polystyrene granules greatly reduce the weight, and have a little thermal insulation, sound insulation performance, waterproofness and durability. It also has the advantages of no degradation, no mildew, no ants, no biting, and the like. It has strong cementation strength, and it is evenly distributed in the core plate, so that the cement mortar bonding it forms the best state of mechanical decomposition. The honeycomb structure makes its impact, hanging and other properties very good!

Product specifications/PROCDUCT SPECIFICATION

thicknesslengthwidthReference weight kg/m^2Product tolerance mmReplaceable block wall specifications

Length +5/length-5

Width +2/width-2

Thick +1/thick-1

Flatness + 1 / flatness -1

75mm55120mm double-sided squash each 20-30m
100mm60180mm double-sided squash each 20-30mm
125mm80240mm double-sided swaying each 20-30mm


Medium constant performance index/PERFORMANCE INDIATORS

Areal densitykg/m^280605542
Bending damage loadPlate weight multiple>=5.5>=4>=3


Compressive strengthMpa>=3.5
Impact resistanceStandard sandbag/time>=5
Softening coefficient>=0.8
Standard sandbag/time...%<=8


Dry shrinkage ratemm/m<=5
Hanging forceN>=1000
Thermal ConductivityW/(m.k)0.2
fire resistanceH>=4.5>=4.0>=2.51.0
Air noisedB>=47>=42>=37>=35
Frost resistanceNo change
radioactivityClass A materials, unlimited production, sales and use
Environmental protection100% asbestos-free, free of formaldehyde, benzene, etc.

       The lightweight solid firewall board produced by our company is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national building standards.

Lightweight solid firewall board has good seismic performance, good fireproof performance, good sound insulation effect, heat preservation, moisture proof and waterproof, can be nailed and attached, shockproof and durable, can be used repeatedly for multiple times, light weight, convenient construction and high efficiency, and increase the practical area. Any slotted pre-buried pipeline, low transportation cost, no construction pollution, green environmental protection, and low price.


Light body

The density of the wallboard is 650-800KG/M, which is only 1/3 of the general brick wall. The density of the general brick wall is 2100KG/M, and the thickness of the wallboard is 1/2 of the brick wall. Its weight is 1/6 of the brick wall.

Good sound insulation

Sound insulation performance far exceeds masonry walls

Because the wallboard is spliced, the polystyrene particles themselves are also sound absorbing materials, so after testing, 100MM wallboard>=42 decibels

Serial numberProduct specifications (mm)Air sound insulation
3Exterior wall 12047dB

Good fire resistance

It is fully tested by the National Consumer Testing Center. The fire performance is up to the standard. The fire resistance of the 50mm plate is 92min, the fire resistance of the 75MM plate is 145min, and the fire resistance of the 100mm plate is 232min.

Serial numberProduct specifications (mm) Product specifications (mm)Fire resistance
15092 minutes
3100240 minutes
4125280 minutes
5150300 minutes


Green / cheap

Production of raw materials and production processes are non-polluting. All price materials for this wallboard are free of radioactive materials and substances harmful to humans. In line with the national radioactive nuclides limit for building materials (GB6566-2001), it is a green product, please feel free to use!

Although the cost of the wallboard itself is slightly higher, it is cheaper and more affordable from the aspects of saving space, reducing transportation costs, reducing labor intensity and saving construction structure cost.

Wallboard application engineering case

Hunan Changde ResortJieyang People's Hospital
Jieyang People's HospitalShenzhen Baoan Zhongjian First Bureau Project Department
Chaozhou Purun Anshaxi Logistics ParkShenzhen Raffles Project
Gale Bio Island E3 BuildingDongguan Humen Wanda Plaza
CNNC Group ProjectShenzhen Baoneng City Apartment
Zhanjiang Dingsheng International PlazaZhongshan Lihua Apartment Project

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